Thursday, August 25, 2011

City of Everett Large Grant

Last spring we applied to the City of Everett for a large grant through the Lowell Neighborhood Association. Our request survived the review process and is now before the City Council and the Mayor. We can expect to receive funding for a number of projects within a month. Here is a budget for what we requested:

I have not seen how this budget may have been modified in the review process. There are several modifications I would suggest that we might want to make:

1) Funds for full restoration of the barn are probably not available until the economy improves. I suggest that we divert barn funds into soil amendments such as complete liming and more compost. I believe I can still get the FREE consultation from at least one local contractor.

2) We can get the bulletin board construction donated.

3) Given the weed situation, I suggest that frequent tillage will be more effective than a cover crop -- at least for several years. I suggest those funds be diverted to tilling.

You may have more suggestions.


  1. The City Council will hear the resolution for approval of this grant next Wednesday, August 31 at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers. This is a public meeting and anyone wishing to speak on the resolution can sign up on a form near the entry.

  2. We have since changed the plan. We will skip any work on restoring the barn this year and put that money instead into the water system. We still plan on a 1 inch meter, but we will increase the line size to two inches to insure a good flow to the farm which is a long ways down the lane from the road.