Wednesday, June 29, 2011

September 24. Mark your calendar.

Moving Planet.
Moving Produce, Lowell to Everett

On September 24, teams of volunteers will gather in the morning at the Red Barn Community Farm. They will gather potatoes and whatever else is ripe in the Food Bank Farm. They will move the produce from Lowell to the Snohomish County Campus in downtown Everett -- WITHOUT USING FOSSIL FUEL!!! Wheelbarrows, garden carts, bicycles, any way produce can be moved. 4 miles! There will be contests for the most produce moved, the fastest, the funniest, most creative, etc. Get your team together now.

In Everett, the movers will be greeted by a festival of music, food, art and community. All is sponsored by Transition Port Gardner as part of the Move Earth Day.

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