Friday, June 24, 2011

It's almost July 1. What can I plant now?

We're getting a late start this summer. Everyone in the Northwest is. But that doesn't mean the season is totally lost. There are lots of vegetables that you can still plant.

Bush beans (NOT pole beans). Most bush bean varieties mature in around 60 days. If you plant them now, you'll enjoy beans by Labor Day. Plant the seeds 1 inch deep, 3-4 inches apart in rows 2 ft apart for easy weeding. Be sure the soil is well-worked. Soil chunks should be 1 inch or less. Pack the soil firmly around the seeds when you plant.

Corn -- sorry, probably too late unless we have a long, warm fall. But you could gamble.

Lettuce -- matures in 50 days. I like to plant small quantities every two weeks up until early September.

Tomatoes -- will probably make it, but hurry and plant nursery-started plants. Too late to sow seed.

Summer squash -- 60 days. Go for it!

Good fall and winter crops:

Now is a good time to sow broccoli seeds in a finely prepared seed bed for later transplanting into your garden for late fall (November-December) harvest or even for next spring.

One of the best crops in this area is kale. There are many varieties. Most are quite winter hearty and will produce right up to and past frost. Most will survive nicely through the winter and burst into profuse production in the spring. Kale is very nutritious.

Carrots -- There is a new variety (Merida) that you can plant now for harvest in the spring.

What other crops do you know that can be planted late June?

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